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New Developments at PSC...

WindowsIATS 6.21.3:

The newest version of WindowsIATS, version 6.21.3, had undergone extensive testing by DFAS and PSC personnel.  This version has new and exciting features that improve and compliment this full featured travel system.

WebIATS 1.0 :

PSC has observed the continued growth of internet technologies and prevailing demand for internet-based customer service offerings in nearly every commercial sector and has dedicated internal resources to the research and development of a product that meets these demands.  WebIATS is the result of over 18 months of intense development and is now rapidly reaching beta status.

WebIATS is designed to offer the traveler a secure and simple web-based interface, similar to T-PAX, that enables them to enter their travel information via the internet.  WebIATS will also be expanded to offer authorizing and auditing features as the need arises.  

Features of WebIATS include:

  • Complete rewrite and optimization of the WindowsIATS computation engine using Microsoft .Net technologies.
  • Redesigned computation engine architecture to be web-service (SOAP) ready.
  • Full implementation of  T-PAX and WindowsIATS traveler and examiner functionality.
  • Ability to serve WebIATS, T-PAX and WindowsIATS all from a shared database or from separate databases linked by on-demand synchronization.
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