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PSC Case Studies...

Many times it is difficult to choose the right tool for a job. Manufacturers and vendors spend enormous amounts of money to convince customers that their product is the only viable alternative. Unfortunately this is often accomplished by publishing inaccurate claims and misleading statements or through the use of political clout to force the acceptance of an initiative.

The highly specialized field of travel related financial software is rife with examples of these practice. Here you will find real life examples of how PSC's software has dramatically boosted productivity, reduced expense, and saved millions of dollars. You will also find clear and honest analyses of current travel related events that make a daily impact on our customers.

Three case studies that will be published are as follows:

Case Study 1: United States Navy Returns To Savings

Case Study 2: Travel Claim Processing Expense with IATS

Case Study 3: Travel Claim Processing Expense and Productivity with T-PAX

We hope that these case studies will provide clear and concise examples of how our product line can work for you - all based on real life numbers. Accurately reimbursing travelers in a timely fashion is serious business and we take our product and services very seriously.

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