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31 August, 2021:

Reminders to read about in the Sept. IATS Flyer!

31 July, 2021:

PSC is pleased to announce that IATS and TPAX 8.0.0 will be released later this summer. Live tests are currently underway with IATS 8.0.0 deployed and in production at select DFAS travel sites. TPAX is currently available to licensed travel offices for testing and preparation for deployment. This release is the result of the combined efforts of the DFAS IATS team and PSC. Notable in this new version is the addition of backend support for Microsoft SQL Server and the continued support for the SAP SQL Anywhere and Oracle database system. Customers working directly with PSC will be able to choose whether to remain with their current travel database configuration or migrate to SQL Server while those using IATS under the IATS master contract will have received notice and instructions for the migration to SQL Server. More information is available in the PSC IATS and TPAX release announcement.

30 May, 2021:

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31 March, 2021:

Get ready for IATS 8.0 in the April IATS Flyer!

31 January, 2021:

Read about the IATS 7.3.1 release in the February IATS Flyer!

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