PSC’s Products

PSC's product line consists of three highly specialized software systems expertly designed and targeted at military and civilian agencies who are required to adhere to federally mandated regulations. PSC has systematically developed and tailored these packages over the last 30 years to rigorously meet these federal requirements as well as boost productivity and enable strong management through reporting and workflow tools.

The Integrated Automated Travel System (IATS) is used throughout the Department of Defense and other civilian agencies to establish all travel documentation, computations, accounting interfaces, federal tax reporting, and payment by check or electronic funds transfer. It is a system than runs on multiple platforms and services military and civilian employees around the world. It is versatile and can be used in any situation, including large centralized travel offices or single computer mobile/offline situations. The system includes all the rules promulgated in the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) and the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR).

IATS Specifications:

  • Process Local Travel Claims (1164) and Local DITY Claims
  • Interfaces to Accounting, Disbursing, and Payroll Systems
  • Import Claims from T-PAX
  • Maintain/Display complete Travel History of all transaction
  • Maintenance and Configuration
  • Monthly Rate Updates

The Travel Processing and Automated Examination (TPAX) system is a specialized front end to IATS. TPAX is designed to enable individual travelers to easily request travel authorization, enter travel claims, and track the status of their claims as they are processed. TPAX handles all forms of travel ranging from simple local travel expenses to complicated long term temporary duty (TDY) trips, military permanent change of station (MILPCS), and civilian permanent change of station (CIVPCS).

TPAX supports a wide range of travel types and workflows. This support is, however, customized rather than dictated by PSC to meet the needs of each office. Although most sites already use IATS they almost always have unique approaches to how travel is planned, authorized, and eventually reported to the disbursing office for settlement. PSC works with each customer when possible to tailor the TPAX user experience to preserve that existing workflow while obtaining as much benefit from the IATS integration and paperless processes provided by TPAX.

Below is a list of key features that make TPAX especially valuable to some or all of our users.

TPAX Specifications:

Professional Software Consortium has developed the Army and Air Force Active Pay System (AAPS), previously known as the Defense Entitlement Pay System, for use within the Department of Defense. AAPS is a military pay computation system used within the Department of Defense to calculate Military Pay entitlements for "short term" periods and is used to calculate payroll for individuals that cannot be paid by normal Military Payroll Systems.