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Professional Software Consortium, Inc. is a privately held company that specializes in travel reimbursement financial systems and payroll, accounting, and disbursing interfaces.

Our products are used in every branch of the armed services and are deployed at over 750 sites around the world. Civilian agencies also rely on our system's unique support of permanent change of station (PCS) trips for both civilian and military travelers.


Recent News...

All versions of IATS 6.x are no longer supported as of January 31, 2019.

The IATS 7.x generation was released in late January 2018, so it is no longer feasible to support both generations of IATS. Please upgrade to IATS 7.x as soon as possible. If you need the IATS 7.x software or assistance upgrading, please contact the IATS Help Desk at 317-212-7718 or via email at Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

31 May, 2021 Have you responded to the requested Data Call? Read the June IATS flyer!

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